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Where’s my refund?

What you will need: your social security number, filing status, and refund amount.

*Usually takes 1–2 weeks for direct deposit.


Where’s my refund?

What you will need: your social security number and refund amount.

*Usually takes 8–10 weeks for direct deposit.

Where’s my Property Tax/Rent Rebate?

What you will need: your social security number, claim year, date of birth.

*Property Tax/Rent rebate checks are not mailed till after July 1st.


Start Up Guide from US Small Business Administration
This comprehensive guide provides a clear roadmap when you start a business. Getting Started, Business Plan, Financing Your Business Start Up, Writing Loan Proposals, and many more interesting topics covered in detail here.Starting a Business Checklist
This detailed checklist from the US Small Business Administration may help when you commence business operations.PADepartment of Labor & Industry
Learn more about being an employer in Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
This site will assist you in gathering informatiaon from the PA Department of Revenue. It also provides links to the electronic filing site, ETIDES.Internal Revenue Service
This site takes you directly to the Internal Revenue Service where you can get general information, see Publications and download official forms.Social Security AdministrationThis is the official site of the Social Security Administration.

Government Information

John Q. Public meets Uncle Sam at FedWorld. You will find a wealth of government and business information-everything from government standards to 17,000 trade-related documents and up-to-date analyses of major U.S. industries.U.S. Business Advisor
Billed as the one-stop electronic link to government for business, the U.S. Business Advisor is a collection of links to other government agencies. Topics include doing business with the government, international trade, finance, labor and employment.